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Why XakBoX give importance to clean looking
website design for online marketing?

Websites are the first contact point you have with a potential customer. So, it is all about making a good impression here. Basically, your website should be beautiful to look at without compromising on functionality. That is where Web Designing comes in. We at Xakbox follow the basic principle of Website Designing. We make your product or service understandable to a potential customer through the website.

Good website design is what is beneficial to your potential customer. The website should communicate on your behalf, the value and benefit that could be derived from your product.

Several studies have shown that good website design is essential for improving your traffic and hence for better conversions. Customers will stay only if you show them what they want.

Clean looking website design also helps in branding your company. A cluttered website is a turn off for most people. We at Xakbox are experts in clean website designs and we guarantee you a clean website that not only attracts customers but retain them.

Our design for Rainmaker Wedding Planner’s Website has won several accolades in the design community. It was even selected as Web Guru of the Day by the esteemed Web Guru awards.

website design award for xakbox

Potential Customers also judges the credibility of your company through your website design. Even if your company functions straight as an arrow, a shady looking website can bring down all your credibility points.

According to Stanford’s Guideline for Web Security, 75% of potential customers judge a company by its website design. So there is no use but only harm in holding on to outdated websites. We at Xakbox are proficient in website revamping. We take your old website and we change it into a new and functional website.

Stanford's Guideline for Web Security

According to Adobe’s State of Content Report, 38% of potential customers stop engaging with your website if your website content or design isn’t relevant. We create relevant and useful content that provides value to customers with eye-catching and functional designs.

Adobe's State of Content Report